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    TBS INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING demonstrates the same high degree of professionalism which has charactarised the TBS Law Firm for the past 32 years.
    It was founded by Mr Cumhur Kemal Turam and Arda Fatih Dönmez as a company which is set apart from others by providing the same quality service with an approach in delivering the process as a whole for a reasonable price, incorporating investment consultancy and credit risk management as well as collection services.
    In addition to being a member of many outstanding organisations in Turkey, TBS also provides exchange of information with the Prime Ministry’s Investment Support and Promotion Agency and the regional development agencies in Turkey.
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    Our mission is to be a partner with whom our customers can leave their business with total confidence and peace of mind; and to provide them with business guidance which they can trust completely.
    No matter in which country our customers reside, our company policy has always been to provide services in accordance with our mission and targets for all our customers near or far, with absolutely no comprimise in quality.
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